How to meditate on a moving vehicle

     You are traveling in a train or in a bullock cart your whole body is moving, then it is useless. Whenever you are in a bullock cart or in any vehicle, you are resisting. The bullock cart sways to the left, but you resist it. You sway to the right in order to balance; otherwise you will fall down. So you are constantly resisting. Sitting in a bullock cart, you are fighting its movements.  It moves to this side, and you have to move to that. That is why when sitting in a train you become tired. You have not been doing anything. Why do you become so tired? You have been doing much unknowingly. You were fighting the train continuously; there was resistance. Do not resist –Rather, move with the movements, sway with the movements. Become part of the bullock cart, do not resist it. Whatsoever the bullock cart is doing on the road, become part of it. That is why children are never tired of journeying.

     Do not resist and create a rhythm in your movements. Make it a beautiful harmony. Forget about the road; do not curse the road bullock and the bullock cart, or the driver – forget them.

     Close your eyes, do not resist. Move rhythmically and create a music in your movement. Make it as if it is a dance. IN A MOVING VEHICLE, BY RHYTHMICALLY SWAYING, EXPERIENCE. The sutra says the experience will come to you. OR IN A STILL VEHICLE… Do not ask where to get a bullock cart; do not deceive yourself, because the sutra says, OR IN A STILL VEHICLE, BY LETTING YOURSELF SWING IN SLOWING INVISIBLE CIRCLES. Just sitting here, swing in a circle. First take a big circle, then go on slowing it… slowing, slowing, making it smaller and smaller and smaller, until your body is not visibly moving, but inside you feel a subtle movement.

     Start with a bigger circle, with closed eyes. Otherwise, when the body will stop you will stop. With closed eyes make big circles; just sitting, swing in a circle. Go on swinging, making the circle smaller and smaller and smaller. Visibly you will stop; no one will be able to detect that you are still moving. But inside you will feel a subtle movement. Now the body is not moving, only the mind. Go on making it slower and slower, and experience. That will become a centering. In a vehicle, in a moving vehicle, a non-resisting rhythmical movement will create a centering within you.