Look into the limitless sky

     You can go around an object; you cannot go around the sky. You are in the sky, but you cannot go around it. So you may be the object for the sky, but the sky cannot be your object. You can look into it, but you cannot look at it, and that looking into it goes on and on… it never ends.

     So look into the blue sky and go on looking. The object is infinite; there is no boundary to it. Do not think about it; do not say it is beautiful. Do not say, ”How lovely!”, Do not appreciate the colour; do not start thinking. If you start thinking, you have stopped. Now your eyes are not moving into the blue, the infinite blue. Just move, just look – do not think. Do not create words; they will become barriers. Not even ”blue sky” should be said. Do not verbalize.

     There should be just a pure, innocent look into the blue sky. It never ends. You will go on and on and on and on, and suddenly, because there is no object, just a vacuum, suddenly you will become aware of yourself. Why? We live on the surface of ourselves – just at the fringe, the boundary. The senses are just on the boundary and your consciousness is way deep down at the center. We live in the senses; that is natural, if there is any vacuum your senses become useless. Senses are only useful if there is an object. In emptiness, how can the mind function? It stops; it disappears. In the disappearance of the mind – the mind that is tense, worried, filled with thoughts that are relevant, irrelevant – in that disappearance of the mind, THE SERENITY. One will become silent and serene, fulfilled, ”Emptiness”, if reflected in, becomes desirelessness.

     You look at a beautiful woman, a beautiful house, a beautiful car – a sudden desire arises. A desire has come in, and with the desire mind becomes worried. Desire is the seed of madness. But emptiness is not an object; it is just emptiness. When you look at emptiness, no desire arises; it cannot arise. You do not want to possess emptiness, you do not want to love emptiness, you do not want to make a house out of it. Emptiness? You cannot do anything with it! All movement of the mind stops, no desire arises, and with the non-arising of desire, THE SERENITY. You become silent, serene. A sudden peace explodes in you. You have become like the sky. Then you will feel the same sky within, the same dimension within, the same space and blueness and emptiness.