Look into a deep well

     Look into a deep well. The well will be reflected in you. Forget thinking completely; stop thinking completely. Just go on looking into the depth. Now they say mind has its own depth, like a well. Now in the West, they are developing depth psychology. They say mind is not just a surface. It is just a beginning; there are depths –many depths, hidden depths.

     Look into a well without thinking. The depth will be reflected in you, the well will become just an outer symbol of the inner depth. And go on looking, until you feel wonder-filled.

     Do not stop before this moment. Go on looking, go on looking, go on looking, day after day, month after month. Just go to a well, look deep, with no thoughts moving in the mind. Just meditate. Just meditate on the depth: meditate the depth, become one with it. Go on meditating; one day your thoughts will not be there. Any moment it can happen. Suddenly you will feel you have the same well within you, the same depth. And then a strange, very strange feeling will come to you: you will feel wonder-filled.

     When you feel wonder-filled, when the mystery descends upon you, when mind is no more but simply mystery – a milieu of mystery – then you will be capable of knowing yourself.

     Go on looking down from this bridge to the river until the river stops and the bridge starts flowing.” The river is flowing; the bridge never flows. But given this meditation – to wait on this bridge, after Months passed just sitting on the bridge, looking down for the moment when the river would stop and the bridge would flow. One day it happens the river stops and the bridge starts flowing. How can it happen? If thought stops completely, then anything is possible, because really, it is fixedness of thought which says that the river is flowing and the bridge is static. This is just relative – just relative!

     Physics says, that everything is relative. You are traveling in a fast train. What happens? The trees flow by, they run by. And if the train is really smooth and you do not feel that the train is running, you are just looking through the windows, the trees are moving, not the train. In space two trains are running side by side with the same speed, you will not be able to feel that they are moving. If speed is relative, then it is just a fixedness of the mind to think that the river is flowing and the bridge is static.