Be aware who is sensing

     Remember, you see THROUGH your eyes but Eyes cannot see; you see through them. The seer is hidden behind; the eyes are just the opening, just the windows. But we go on thinking that we see by the eyes; have you seen some clerk in a bank looking from above his specs? The specs have slipped down on his nose, and he looks. Just look that way at me, towards me, as if you are looking from above your eyes, as if the eyes have slipped down a little on your nose and you are standing behind looking at me. Suddenly you will feel a change in the quality. Your focus changes; eyes become just doors. This becomes a meditation.

     We go on thinking we hear by the ears. No one has ever heard by the ears. You hear THROUGH the ears, not BY the ears. The hearer is hidden behind. The ears are just receptive organs. While hearing music, don’t forget yourself in the ear, don’t lose yourself into the ear. Remember the awareness that is hidden behind. Be alert! When hearing, just hear through the ears and remain aware of your inner center.

     I touch you, I am touching you, through the hand. The hand is just instrumental.  When touching, just touch through the hand and remember the inner one who is hidden behind.

     From any sense you can have a feeling of the inner center, and every sense goes to the inner center. It has to report.  If I have some body odor your nose will smell it. If your eyes see and your ears hear, it will be difficult to know whether you are hearing the same man whom you are seeing or two different ones, because these two senses are different and they never meet. Then three different senses report to one center. That is why you can coordinate. Otherwise it will be difficult:

     So how does everything become synthetic? Ears hear, eyes see, hands touch, the nose smells, and suddenly somewhere inside you know that this is the same man that you are hearing and seeing and touching and smelling. This knower is different from the senses. Every sense reports to this knower, and in this knower, in the center, everything falls, fits and becomes one. This is miraculous.  If you can look through the senses and remain aware and alert, the world will by and by appear to you as illusory, dream-like, and you will be able to penetrate to the substance – to the very substance of it. That substance is the BRAHMAN.