At the beginning of a strong sensation, be aware

     It looks so simple: at the start of sneezing, during fright, in anxiety or before hunger or after hunger, ”BE UNINTERRUPTEDLY AWARE.”

     Just at the beginning of sneeze, become alert. The moment you feel the sensation that it is coming, become alert. Close your eyes and be meditative. Bring your total consciousness to the focus just where you are feeling the sensation of an oncoming sneeze. The sneeze will disappear, and the energy will be transformed into more alertness. And because in the sneeze the whole body is involved, the whole mechanism is involved – it is a release mechanism and you are alert at this moment – there will be no mind, there will be no thought, no meditation.

     First, a sneeze is non-voluntary. You bring in a new thing – alertness. When the alertness comes, the sneeze may not come. If really you are alert, it will not; it may not happen at all. Then a third thing happens. The energy that was going to be released through a sneeze, where does it move? It moves to your alertness. Suddenly there is a flash, a lightning. You become more alert. The energy, that was going to be thrown by the sneeze moves into alertness. Suddenly you become more alert. In that flash, in that lightning, even enlightenment is possible. But sneezing is not just sneezing; you are totally involved in it. It is not just your nose in which the sneeze is happening; every fiber, every cell of your body is involved in it. A subtle trembling, a subtle wavering goes all over the body, and with it the whole body becomes concentrated

     When you feel afraid and fear enters, just when you feel the fear enter, become aware and fear will disappear. With alertness, there can be no fear. A brave man is a person who can bring his alertness to the moments of fear. So fear disappears.

     When you feel anxious, much anxiety-ridden, you try to solve it, you try alternatives, and you get more and more into it. You will create a bigger mess because anxiety cannot be solved through thinking, because thinking itself is a sort of anxiety. So you help it to grow more.  Try it, don’t do anything with anxiety. Just be alert. Just be alert!

     You can use anything, these are just examples, this can be used in many ways; you can devise your own way don’t change the device every day because a deepening is needed with any technique.