Close your senses, become stone like


Close your senses, become stone like

     Whatsoever you are feeling, stop all the doors of the senses. What is to be done? Close your eyes and think that you are just blind and you cannot see. Close your ears and think that you cannot hear. With all of the five senses, you just close them. How can you close them? It is easy. Stop breathing for a single moment: all your senses will be closed.

     You have a thorn in your foot – it is painful, you are suffering. Or one ant is there creeping on your leg. You feel the creeping and suddenly you want it to be thrown away. Take any experience! You have a wound – it is painful. You have a headache, or any pain in the body. Anything will do as an object. It is only an example – the CREEPING OF AN ANT. Shiva says: STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES WHEN FEELING THE CREEPING OF AN ANT. Where is this creeping? Where is the ant? Suddenly you are removed – far away.

     This sutra says, STOP THE DOORS OF THE SENSES. Become stone-like, closed to the world. Just close your eyes and think that you are only a stone, you cannot move. How can you move? You are a stone – just a stone, a statue. Close your eyes. Feel that you are now a stone, a statue. When you think that you are just like a stone, like a statue, suddenly the feeling come that even you wanted to move hands it is impossible to do so and also want to open the eyes, but they are like stone.

     When you are closed to the world, really, you are closed to your own body also, because your body is not part of you; it is part of the world. When you are closed completely to the world, you are closed to your own body also, then the thing will happen.

     So try it with the body. Anything will do, when there is severe pain and when you do this technique you feel that it is somewhere distant and the pain will be there, but very far away as if happening to someone else. And then by and by, by and by – become dead as if someone is going away and away. Your pain will disappear; the whole world will disappear. You are closed, dead, a stone, with no window outside – no window! You cannot move! And then, when you cannot move, you are thrown back to yourself, you are centered in yourself. Then, for the first time you can look from your . And once you can look from your center, you can never be the same man again.

Let yourself become weightless

Let yourself become weightless

     You are sitting here. Just feel that you have become weightless, there is no weight. You will feel that somewhere or other there is weight, but go on feeling the weightlessness. It comes. A moment comes when you feel that you are weightless, that there is no weight. When there is no weight you are no more a body, because the weight is of the body – not of you. You are weightless.

     Weight is basic to all matter. Even sunrays have weight. It is very, very slight, minute, and they are difficult to weigh, but scientists have weighed them. If you can collect all the sunrays on a five square- mile plot of ground, their weight will be similar to that of a hair. But sunrays do have weight; they have been weighed. Nothing can be weightless for science. And if something can be weightless then it is immaterial, it cannot be matter.

     Someone is dying… many scientists all over the world have tried to weigh the person. If there is a slight difference, if when a man is alive the weight is more and when a man is dead the weight is less, then scientists can say that something has moved from the body, that a soul or the self or something that was there is no more – because for science nothing can be weightless, nothing!

     You just have to conceive of yourself as weightless –and not only conceive, but also feel that your body has become weightless. If you go on feeling, feeling, feeling, a moment comes when suddenly you realize that you are weightless. You are already, so you can realize it anytime. You have only to create a situation in which you can feel again that you are weightless.

     You have to dehypnotize yourself. This is the hypnosis, the belief that ”I am a body and that is why I feel weight.” If you can dehypnotize yourself into realizing that you are not a body, you will not feel weight. And when you do not feel weight you are beyond mind, then the thing can happen.

     The mind also has weight; everyone’s mind has a different weight. When you are happy you always feel weightless; when you are sad you always feel more weight, as if something is pulling you down. The gravitation becomes much more. When you are happy, whenever you feel a blissful moment, you forget the body completely.