Close the eyes and stop their movement

     Close your eyes. But this closing is not enough. Total closing means to close your eyes and stop their movements; otherwise the eyes will continue to see something which is of the outside. Actually things are not there, but images, ideas, collected memories – they will start flowing.

      Eyes are the most non-bodily part in the human body.  Eyes are material and simultaneously non-material and is a meeting point of you and your body and Nowhere else in the body is the meeting so deep.

     Totally closed eyes means nothing to see. Do not do anything; just remain there. Suddenly, someday, you will become aware that you are looking inside yourself. Close your eyes, see your inner being in detail and move from limb to limb inside. Just go to your toe. Forget the whole body: move to the toe. Stay there and have a look. Then move through the legs, come on upwards, go to every limb. Then many things happen. MANY things happen!

      Close your eyes; The first, outer part of the technique is to look at your body inwardly – from your inner center. Stand there and have a look. You will be separated from the body because the looker is never the looked at. The observer is different from the object. If you can see your body totally from the inside, then you can never fall into the illusion that you are the body. Then you will remain different – totally different: inside it but not it, in the body but not the body. This is the first part. Then you can move; then you are free to move. Once freed from the body, freed from the identity, you are free to move. Now you can move into your mind – deep down.

     Those nine layers which are within and unconscious can now be entered into. This is the inner cave of the mind. If you enter this cave of the mind, you will become separate from the mind also. Then you will see that the mind is also an object which you can look at, and that which is entering the mind is, again, separate and different. Then you are simply a witness, and this witness cannot be penetrated.

     Thus see your true nature– So if you can become aware of the structure of body-mind, if you can become conscious of the structure, you are freed from the structure, you are freed from the vehicle, you have become different. And this knowing that you are separate from the structure is your true nature. That is what you really are.