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A Safe Journey to Explore

Your Journey from the physical to infinity through simple illustrative images, guided audio and video meditations.

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Travelling From HERE TO HERE:-

The first thing is to be aware of the physical body. With whatever small action the body performs remembering is absolutely necessary. There should be mindfulness with all that we do. If we begin to do all our physical acts with full awareness, then the identification with the physical becomes broken. If your lift one hand upward with full attention you will feel yourself apart from the hand – because the one who lifts is different from that which is lifted. The feeling of being apart from the physical body is the beginning of the awareness of the etheric body.

The second is to be aware of the etheric plane. All emotions rise from the etheric body. It has its own momentum; it has its own movements for anger, love, hatred, restlessness. You will come to know these vibrations. You will start noticing the movements of the etheric body-its expansions and contractions, in which situations it contracts and which situations it expands. The possibilities of its expansion are limitless. It also expands and contracts according to the emotions. It can expand so that it can fill the earth; it can contract so that there is enough place for it in an atom. When it has expanded to its full capacity, when it blossoms fully, it is connected to the first body by a bridge. It does not die with the physical body. If you wake up to the etheric body and follow the emotions to their origin you will suddenly find yourself in the astral body.

The third thing is to be aware of the astral body. Its movements are more subtle.

The fourth, person can travel outside of his body; he can do astral projection and know himself apart from the physical body. The world that starts from the fourth body is subjective, whereas the world before that is objective.

The fifth is atma sharir, which is composed of material of the starry world, that is, of material that does not belong to the solar system. Atma means consciousness. On the fifth plane activation and awareness are one and the same. No one can reach the fifth plane without awareness; therefore activation and awareness take place simultaneously here. The state in the fifth body is a state of liberation.

The sixth is the brahma sharir – the universal cosmic body. When a person evolves beyond his atman, he enters the sixth body.

The seventh is the Divine – which is a state of bodilessness, an incorporeal state. This is the ultimate state where only the void remains – not even the Brahman, the cosmic reality, but only the emptiness. Nothing has remained; everything has disappeared.