Do not choose, keep in the middle

     Even these few words can transform your life totally. Buddha developed his whole technique of meditation on this sutra. His path is known as MAJJHIM NIKAYA – the middle path. Buddha says, ”Remain always in the middle– in everything.”

     So this sutra says, UNMINDING MIND, KEEP IN THE MIDDLE – UNTIL. And what is meant by UNTIL? Until you explode! Keep in the middle until the mind dies. Keep in the middle until there is no mind.

    So, UNMINDING MIND, KEEP IN THE MIDDLE – UNTIL there is no mind. If mind is at the extremes, then the middle will be no-mind. But this is the most difficult thing in the world to do. It looks easy, it looks simple; it may appear as if you can do this. And you will feel good if you think that there is no need for any repentance.

     Try this, and then you will know that when you have been angry the mind will insist on repenting. But the mind is very unmindful. That is why the sutra says, UNMINDING MIND… You will hear this, you will understand this, but the mind will not take note. The mind will always go on choosing extremes. The extreme has a fascination for the mind. Why? Because in the middle, mind dies

     Mind is just like a pendulum goes on moving the whole day and let the pendulum stay in the middle, then the whole momentum stop. Every day, if you observe, you will come to know this. You decide one thing on one extreme, and then you move to another. You are angry; then you repent. You decide, ”No, this is enough. Now I will never be angry.” But you do not see the extreme.

     So try it. And this sutra is for your whole life. You cannot practice it sometimes; you have to be aware continuously. Doing, walking, eating, in relationship, everywhere – remain in the middle. Try at least, and you will feel a certain calmness developing, a tranquility coming to you, a quiet center growing within you. Even if you are not successful in being exactly in the middle, try to be in the middle. By and by you will have the feel of what middle means. Whatsoever may be the case – hate or love, anger or repentance – always remember the polar opposites and remain in between. And sooner or later you will stumble upon the exact middle point, you can never forget it again, it is beyond the mind and is all that spirituality means.