A secret method

     This is a secret method. In this esoteric tantra, the master gives you the teaching secretly, the doctrine secretly – or the mantra secretly. When the disciple is ready, then the mantra, or the supreme secret, will be imparted, communicated to him, privately. Just in his ear it will be whispered.

     This technique is concerned with that whispering. LISTEN WHILE THE ULTIMATE MYSTICAL TEACHING IS IMPARTED. When the master has decided that now you are ready and the secret of his own experience can be communicated, when the moment has come when he can say to you that which is unsayable, then this technique has to be used. EYES STILL, WITHOUT WINKING, AT ONCE BECOME ABSOLUTELY FREE.      When master, is imparting his secret to you in your ear, whispering it, let your eyes be totally still: no movement of the eyes. That means the mind should be quiet, thoughtless. No winking – not even a slight movement, because that will show a disturbance within. Just become an empty ear with no movement within. The consciousness is just waiting to be impregnated, just open, receptive, passive… no activity on its own part. And when this will happen, this moment when you are totally empty, not thinking anything but just waiting… not waiting for something, because then it will become thinking, not waiting for something but just waiting; when this static moment, this non-dynamic moment will happen; when everything has stopped, time is not flowing and mind is totally vacant – it becomes no-mind. Only into a no-mind can a master impart.

     And he is not going to give a very long discourse: he will give just one or two or three words. In that silence those one, two or three words will penetrate to your very core, to the very center, and they will become a seed there. In this passive awareness, in this silence, at once become absolutely free.

     One can become free only by becoming free of the mind; there is no other freedom. Freedom from the mind is the only freedom. Mind is the bondage, the slavery, the servitude. So a disciple has to wait with his master for the right moment when he will call him and impart. He is not to ask, because asking means desire. He is not to expect, because expectation means conditions, desire, mind. He is just to wait. And when he will be ready, when his waiting will become total, the master can do anything.