Intone a sound and become it

     Intone a sound, as Aum slowly. The intoning of a sound is a very subtle science. First you have to intone it loudly, outwardly; then others can hear it. And it is good to start loudly because whatsoever you say it is to others, and this has become a natural habit.

    Intone the sound Aum, then by and by, feel attunement with the sound. When you intone the sound Aum, be filled with it, forget everything else. Become the Aum, become the sound. And it is very easy to become the sound, because sound can vibrate through your body, through your mind, through your whole nervous system. Feel the reverberation of Aum. Intone it, and feel it as if your whole body is being filled with it, every cell is vibrating with it. Intoning is also ”in-tuning.” Tune yourself with the sound, become the sound. And then, as you feel a deep harmony between you and the sound, and you develop a deep affection for it – and the sound is so beautiful and so musical: Aum – then the more you intone it, the more you will feel yourself filled with a subtle sweetness. Aum is a very sweet sound, the purest. Intone it and be filled with it.

     Aum this is one of the basic sounds, atomic sounds A-U-M: these three sounds are combined in it. All sounds are made of them or derived from them and are combinations of these three sounds. So these three are basic, as in physics the electron, neutron and proton. The whole human consciousness, in whatsoever dimension it works, comes to ”The Law Of The Three”. Aum is just near the absolute, just behind it is the absolute, the unknown and is the last station as far as sounds are concerned. If you move beyond Aum, you move beyond sound; then there is no sound and they are the boundary of existence. Beyond these three you move into the absolute.

     Intone a sound, as Aum slowly, as sound enters soundfulness, so do you.  And wait for the moment when the sound has become so subtle, so atomic, that now, any moment, it will take a jump from the world of the laws, the world of the three, and it will enter the world of the one, the absolute. Wait! This is one of the most beautiful experiences possible to man – when sound dissolves. Then suddenly you cannot find where the sound has gone.You were hearing it subtly, deep down: ”Aum, Aum, Aum…” and then it is no more there. You have entered the world of the one. The world of the three is no more. This, tantra says, is soundfulness; Buddha says soundlessness.