Feel “I am”

     You never enter deeply into this feeling, I am existing. You are existing, but you never dig deep into this phenomenon. Go deep into this feeling. Just sitting, go deep into this feeling I am existing, I am Feel it, don’t think it, because you can say it in the mind it is futile. Your head is your undoing and you miss the point. Feel it deep down in your bones, all over your body, as a total unit, not in the head, don’t go on repeating like a mantra.

     You can do it anywhere, just riding in a bus, or travelling in a train, or just sitting, or lying down on your bed, try to feel existence as it is; don’t think about it. Suddenly you will become aware that you have not known many things which are continuously happening to you. You have not felt your body. You have your hands, but you have not ever felt it – what it says, and what it continuously goes on informing you; how it feels. Sometimes it is heavy and sad, sometimes it is happy and light. Sometimes everything flows in it, it is a big phenomenon; there are subtle nuances. The body goes on telling you and you are not there to hear it. And existence all around you goes on penetrating you in subtle ways,in different ways, but you are not aware. You are not there to receive it, to welcome it.

     I am existing, feel it through the heart. And feel This existence is mine, this is mine, this is this. This is very beautiful I am existing, Feel it, be grounded in it; then know THIS IS MINE – this existence, this overflowing being is mine. You go on saying that this house is mine, this furniture is mine. You go on talking about your possessions, and you never know what you really possess. You possess total being. You possess the deepest possibility, the center-most core of existence in you. If you can feel yourself rooted in existence, merged in it, overflowing with it, and allow even dancing with it, then you will feel, ‘This is mine. This existence belongs to me. This whole mysterious universe belongs to me. This whole existence has been existing for me. It has created me. I am a flower of it.’

     If you move deep in meditation it will happen. Fear will disappear, because you know yourself endlessly. You go on spreading endlessly – back into the past, forward into the future, and this very moment, this present moment, in the depth of it you are there. You simply are – you never begin, you are never going to end. FEEL THIS ILLIMITABLY – infinitely.