Expand in all directions

     You have made yourself so tightly narrow, you feel always in bondage. it is coming from your narrow mind. And it goes on being narrower and narrower and you are very confined. That confinement gives you the feeling of bondage. You have an infinite soul and an infinite being but that infinite being feels imprisoned. So whatsoever you do, you feel limitations everywhere. Wherever you move, a point of cul de sac comes. You cannot move beyond it. Everywhere there is a boundary. There is no open sky to fly. But that boundary is created by you –created it for certain reasons: for security, safety.  And the narrower the boundary, the more you feel secure. If you have a very large boundary you cannot watch over all of it, you cannot be alert and watchful everywhere. It becomes vulnerable. Narrow the boundary and you can watch it, you can remain closed, you are not vulnerable, you feel safe. The safety, the security has created the boundary. But then you feel a bondage.

     No boundaries, becoming infinite, becoming one with infinite space…. This will be impossible with your mind. How can you feel it? How can you do it? First you will have to stop doing certain things. ”Live dangerously.” Not that you have to seek danger positively, there is no need to seek danger positively. Don’t create protections. Don’t create walls around you. Live naturally, and that will be dangerous, dangerous enough. There is no need to seek any danger.

     Then it is very easy. If walls are not there, you will already be feeling yourself pervading everywhere. Then there is no point at where you end. You simply begin in the heart and end nowhere. You have a center and no periphery. The periphery goes on expanding – on and on. The whole space is surrounded by it. Stars move in it. Earths are born and dissolve. Planets arise and set. The whole cosmos becomes your periphery. In this vastness where will your ego be? Your suffering be? Your mean mind be? The mediocre mind be? It cannot be there in such vastness, it simply disappears. It can exist only in a narrow field, walled, enclosed, encapsulated.

     And peace happens only to those who are alive; remain alive, live dangerously, live a vulnerable life; open, so that everything can happen to you, you will not even need to practice it, just think and you will be pervading the whole space.